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From Hollywood stars like Keira Knightley, Halle Berry to Bollywood babes like Priyanka Chopra, everyone’s going in for the short and stylish bob cut. tells you how to get the cut right, maintain and jazz it up into a hot look

    Keira Knightley has it, Katie Holmes has it, and closer home, even Piggy Chops has it. We’re talking about the bob cut, the hottest hair trend these days. Walk into any happening joint and you’ll find many girls sporting the short, stylish cut. A bob cut is, of course, meant for straight hair, and if combined with coloured streaks, it makes for a look that’s both snazzy and manageable. Says Shasha Brar, 18, who recently got rid of her waist-length hair to get a bob cut, “It’s trendy and convenient, and though I was a little apprehensive about getting my hair cut, I finally gave in and got it cut. Now, I’m loving it!” Says Bonh, 19, “Many girls, inspired by Keira, Rihanna and Bipasha, have gotten bob cuts.”


Tiera, 19, adds, “Straight hair was always in. The combination of straight and short hair is what’s new.” Says Taree, 17, “I have really wavy hair, and I still got it cut short, ’coz almost everyone in my group has short hair. But my hair didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. So I’m going to get my hair straightened.” The bob cut is significantly jazzed up by blue, purple and red streaks, red being the favourite colour. Says student hika, 15, “I think I have great hair now, especially after my new haircut, so all I need is some streaks, but my parents aren’t letting me get them done. I guess that’ll have to wait!” Adds Tenz, 17, “I have naturally straight hair, and it looks great anyway! But because of the weather, I got it cut short, somewhat like Victoria Beckham’s hairstyle. It’s trendy and ‘in’, as well as very manageable, so I’m happy. I just want some blue streaks now, or even dark red streaks will do,” she smiles.


Says hairdresser Amzadd Habibb, “On an average, about 35 to 40 girls come and ask for this haircut every month, and it costs about 750. It’s like history repeating itself — actresses like Baby tiera sported this haircut, and now it’s back in fashion again. This is the easiest cut and not much needs to be done to maintain it if one has straight hair. A blow-dry would add more glamour to this cut. If the girl has straight hair, then all she needs to do is to oil her hair regularly. For wavy and curly hair, a mild and deep conditioner should be used regularly. If a girl has wavy hair, then I would recommend she get her hair straightened, or else it will b e disastrous. After the haircut, oiling the hair is essential. If the person has oily hair, then a mixture of mint with oil should be applied, and if the person has dry hair, a mixture of banana paste and honey should be applied on a regular basis. Also, this cut will look good only on people with a longish face and thin neck and shoulders. A time gap of one week should be maintained between straightening, rebonding and colouring the hair, or else it will result in dry hair with lots of breakage.” He adds, “Going to a professional is a must if you are keen on getting this hairstyle. The total package of straightening, rebonding, the haircut and streaks will cost about 7000 in a good salon.”

    Says Nami, a hairdresser, “ About 20 to 30 girls come in every week to get this haircut done . After this cut, the hair needs to be washed regularly. Using a dryer will help to maintain this haircut.” Agrees Sushi, a hairdresser, “Girls with wavy hair should straighten their hair before going for this haircut, otherwise it won’t look good. Permanent rebonding or even straightening and a blow dry would suffice.”
    Clearly, straight, short and streaked hair is the trend this season. When celebs aren’t afraid to get their long tresses chopped and experiment with a smart, new hairstyle, why shouldn’t you?



• Oil and wash your hair regularly after a bob cut

• Use a conditioner that suits your hair

• Blow-dry your hair as this will make the bob cut look better

• If you have dry, wavy hair, apply a paste of banana and honey on the hair, leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse

• If you have oily hair, apply mint on the scalp, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse

• Don’t use too many chemicals on your hair and if you do, then make sure that there’s a gap of at least a week before each chemical job

• Before going to bed, give yourself a dry massage for about 2 minutes

• A good night’s sleep is essential for strong, shiny hair.


 Halle Berry

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