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some men don't realize that they are committing fashion blunders. Here's a check on what to and what not to ...

    Some fashion mistakes scream out from across the room, while you walk around blissfully unaware that you have become the butt of jokes. While women tend to take more care, it’s the tall, handsome gender that usually makes blunders that has the fashion police cringing. The reasons vary from laziness to simple ignorance.
    Hence, fellow men (and their better halves who’re in-charge of their sartorial matters), here are some of the most commonly committed couture crimes at workplaces and parties. Before either one or a combination of these gets you the red mark, take some notes down. Fashion designer Kunal Rawal guides you through it.


How many times have you seen someone with pockets so swollen, it’s like they’ve just robbed a store? In India, the bulging pockets syndrome is thanks to the great ‘handkerchief ’ phenomenon handed by dutiful mothers and wives, a wallet, pocket diary et al. Some think it makes them look busy, with pens and papers peeping out of their pockets.
    Cut it! Your pant pockets are just made for your hands, spare change in front and a slim wallet at the back. Not wads of cash, old receipts, cell phone, keys and visiting cards! Bulging pockets distract from an otherwise streamlined look. Get an all-purpose bags with zips. Also, you can try donning a jacket or blazer to distribute your maal between the interior pockets.


This is a legendary mistake made every single morning. The thought process behind it is simple: Who’s going to see my socks? Therein lies your folly. Only because they are bright and white, and worn over shiny leather shoes, the sports socks will be noticed as you relax on the couch.This quirky style statement enjoyed brief popularity in the ’90s, but we’re entering 2011 now. Try wearing dark hues if you can’t match it to the exact colour of your shoes.


Too many shoe brands try to camouflage sports shoes as formals but that’s no reason to don them to work. Active wear – worn while playing gully cricket or to the gym sweat session – will bear nasty marks, enough to make your colleagues go ‘eeks!’ Even if they’re spotless, why would you want them to stand out under formal trousers? If comfort is your thing, try sneakers or slipon loafers.


Boss, you graduated a long time ago. You’re no longer required to carry books every day. You are a professional… look like one! To complement your work wardrobe, splurge on a leather messenger bag or briefcase and save your backpack for camping.
    That said, some leather backpacks look good with formals, but only if they’re simple and lean. Anything bulgy and bright and you lose points. You might need one if you carry a laptop every day and spend the day on the field. For that, invest in a simple black one made for the purpose. Don’t wear them over suits or formal shirts unless you have a steam iron in your cubicle.


Wearing oversized clothes is a crime committed by 23-year-olds at their first job who think wearing dad’s shirts to work will make them look professional. Some also wrongly believe that oversized clothes are slimming. Truth is that they make you look slouchy and lazy — the last impression you’d want to give at the work place. It’s one thing to like your clothes ‘comfortable’ instead of snug but another to wear suits/shirts which have you look like a hanger. The only rule is, clothes must glide comfortably over your body and highlight the best part of your physique. If you’re into larger sizes, either you workout and gain muscle or invest some of that salary in fitted shirts and pants.


Some people actually think it’s an ultra-fashionable trick! In the US, it’s a dead giveaway for FOBs — Fresh Off the Boats. Although it is sometimes comfortable, it is totally heinous to wear socks when it’s rainy. There is no plan B for this. Just do yourself a favour and stop committing this fashion faux pas


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