Liz Hurley break up with Share Warne

 Liz Hurley break up with Share Warne Liz Hurley Share Warne break up -  Liz Hurley dumps horny Shane Warne over filthy sex texts to blonde mother of 2
Liz Hurley dumped Shane Warne - Liz Hurley dumps Shane Warne - Liz Hurley dumped arun nayar - Liz Hurley dumped arun nayar

Liz Hurley break up with Share Warne


Just days after she publicly announced her split from Indian-origin business tycoon Arun Nayar, British actress Liz Hurley has reportedly dumped his new flame Shane Warne.

45-year-old Hurley allegedly ended her relationship with the 41-year-old Australian cricket legend after learning that he had sent sexual text messages to a married Australian woman, British media reports said.

British tabloids the 'News Of The World' and 'The Sunday Mirror' have published the story of an Australian man, Denis Angeleri, who claims his wife, Adele, was wooed by Warne with a series of explicit texts.

The 'News of the World' even published a picture of the 44-year-old blonde mother of two and lurid messages it said Warne had sent her.

The pair had met when Warne called into her leather goods shop opposite his office at the Shane Warne Foundation in Melbourne.

The British tabloid said that they exchanged numbers and Warne began texting her, becoming progressively more suggestive. Denis's wife grew worried and eventually told him on December 3.

Denis told the 'News of the World' he then confronted Warne, prompting "an angry shouting match".

Warne had begged him to keep the matter secret for the sake of his family, however, the tabloid said that Warne was "also also clearly terrified Liz would discover his double-dealing".

It said Warne sent her more than 100 messages, while simultaneously cultivating his relationship with Hurley.

The latest news of Hurley and Warne's split came after the British actress tweeted that her relationship with Nayar had ended some months back.

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