Manasara-Movie-Audio-Songs-telugu-Movie-Review-images-photos Manasara-Movie-Audio-Songs-telugu-Movie-Review-images-photosManasara-Movie-Audio-Songs-telugu-Movie-Review-images-photosManasara-Movie-Audio-Songs-telugu-Movie-Review-images-photos


Director: Ravibabu

Banner: Moving Images

Starring: Vikram, Sri Divya, Bhanuchander, George Vincent, Ramaraju, Annapurna, Ushasri, Krishnamohan, MS Narayana and others

Music: Shekar Chandra

Cinematographer: Sudhakar Reddy

Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh

Dialogue: Paruchuri Brothers

Producer: K. Prakash Babu

Rating: 2.5/5


In a film industry that is ruled by star power and mass masala, Ravibabu carved a niche for himself with his ‘special’ sect of films. Allari, Anasuya and Nachavule films proved his mettle as a director. Hence, every film of Ravibabu is now grabbing the interest of audience. With the brilliantly cut trailer, Ravibabu yet again caught the attention of his fans with Manasara mvie. This film managed to get decent opening and it shows Ravibabu’s crowd pulling abilities. Did Ravibabu live up to the expectations? Is Manasara (Review) worth the wait? Let’s uncover the details in Manasara Movie Review…


Vikram (Vikram), a young nerd comes to a village in Kerala. In this village most of the issues are settled by Kalari Payattu, an ancient martial art. Vikram falls in love with Anjali (Sri Divya). But she is already engaged to Rajan Pillai (George Vincent), who is an expert in Kalari. Now, Vikram is pitted against Rajan and how the weak conquers the strong by proving the power of love sums up this story.


Except for Kalari Payattu backdrop, there is nothing novel about this film. A boy meets a girl; they fall in love; problem arises; solution! This is the sequence that happens which has been watched n times by now. Barring a couple of scenes in which the director in Ravibabu excelled, remaining film is a yawn! The film is similar to Jayam and the pre climax scenes resemble Tammudu.

First half of the film is passable but second half gets on your nerve. Manasara is a brilliant film on the technical front, but it isn’t worth a watch due to its poor content. Ravibabu’s mark is seen in songs. His song concepts are always clap worthy. Sadly, he failed to do the same magic with the script.


Vikram suits the role he played. But, he is not hero material in any angle. Sri Divya is beautiful and talented. George Vincent looks as fierce as his role. Bhanu Chander is standard. Rest of the star cast is just okay.


Paruchuri Brothers disappoints yet again. It is time to change your pens brothers! Those broken nibs won’t work in this twenty first century anymore! Cinematography is superb. It is a treat to watch all those dense forests through Sudhakar Reddy’s lens. Music by Sekhar Chandra isn’t bad but is not as melodious as his work in Nachavule. Editing is okay.

Ravibabu’s choice of script has let him down this time. His portrayal of current youth in Nachavule is right on the money. But, in this film he has chosen formulaic love story that didn’t give any scope to exhibit his creative skills. As a technician Ravibabu scores but the writer in him lets him down this time.

Plus Points:

- Cinematography

- Song themes

Minus points:

- Weak storyline

- Boring second hour

Final Word:

Manasara lacks the necessary firepower to leave a mark at the box office. With a series of big films lined up for release in the coming weeks, Manasara has every chance to be blown away without a trace. Watch it if you have nothing worth to do.





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