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 HRITHIK ROSHAN brings the latest trends in the men’s jewellery, which is often preferred by the young brigade

    If you thought sparkling pieces of jewellery were meant only for women, think again! Indian men are shedding conventional beliefs that jewellery is a woman’s domain and are using it to enhance their sex appeal. With increasing urbanisation, more Indians are taking cue from the West. While it may be the rap musicians, rock stars and even gangsters, that have made the bejewelled look their own, the common man is opening up to it too. From college guys who love to sports funky cross-shaped silver pendants, ID bracelets and even occasionally rings and earrings to the businessman with his thick gold chain and ring — men’s jewellery has been around for a while. But the latest trend is a bit more on the classy side. With Bollywood hunks like Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Sanjay Dutt sporting cool lockets or bracelets, you can bet the janta isn’t far behind.

    What do women think about men venturing into this trend? Model Kape says, “I don’t like men wearing jewellery. I have seen older men wearing pieces, which they can carry off well. But I feel the younger lot are just wannabes.” The glamour industry has left no stone unturned to get this trend into the markets. Men indulge themselves by buying finger rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces with extreme self-confidence and enthusiasm. No surprise, then that the men’s jewellery industry saw a growth of 20 per cent in the past few years. Model, Alicia, feels western culture has taken over which is why men are wearing the kind of stuff only women could think of.

    According to stylist, Gavin Miguel, jewels signify royalty. “Men sporting jewels has been going on for ages now. The best example is the kings and emperors in the old days. Then it was the stones pundits and astrologers recommended to be worn as rings or neckpieces that was and still is very common. For the younger generation, it has become a style statement. From studs to chains — they are wearing it all. To each his own. For me, jewellery should be for the moment and not a way of life.”

    Bling is a big no for designer Shahid Amir. He says, “Jewellery for men has to be rustic or handmade which complements the masculine gender. Jewellery has become unisex lately as compared to the last two decades.” Model Acquin Paes is all for men wearing jewels, provided one should know how to carry it off. “You cannot wear women’s jewellery and think you can carry it off. When I was in London, there were guys who wore all kinds of accessory and junk jewellery. It was not odd at all there. Being a model, one cannot be conservative and so I’m open to experimenting with pieces. I wear bracelets and gothic lockets to get an Indie look.”

Salman Khan loves to wear his bracelet and David Beckham wears a neckpiece

 Salman Khan

 David Beckham

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