MOUSE FOR MEN IS 5G - UMM "5th Generation Ultra Modern Mouse"

Mouse for Men images - mouse for men original name is 5G-UMM - 5th Generation Ultra Modern MouseMouse for Men 
is now recognized as (original name has been changed) "5G-UMM" i.e. "5th Generation Ultra Modern Mouse"Mouse for Men photo - new 2010 Mouse for Men 2011 best innovation of 2011 is Mouse for Men Concept, inventor of Mouse for Men is Nitin Mane, Nitin Mane is the inventor of Mouse for Men, mouse-for-men-invented-created-by-Nitin-Mane-country-India, flexible touchscreen, mouse-for-men-photo-image-pictures-new-gadget-new-technology-mouse-touchscreen-mouse, pressure sensitive technology, Mouse concept, Wireless mouse, OLED touchscreen interface, status display, thumb launcher, heat sensor, ergonomic, Technology, gadget, PC accessory, mouse, design, Lifestyle ,

Mouse for Men

Mouse for Men - Name has been changed to 5G - UMM "5th Generation Ultra Modern Mouse"

Who and What and How

Developed for LG Cube Competition 2010, the “Mouse for Men” (5G - UMM) by Indian designer Nitin Mane is a mouse concept with a flexible touchscreen and pressure sensitive technology to enhance the experience of modern geeks. Inspired by the original mouse, the new mouse includes a separable tail for the ease of use. Based on the design and position of the human hand to enhance the comfort, the futuristic mouse seems to place buttons in opposite directions, though they work like contemporary mice.

The Change

In the recent past we have marked a great shift in the form and function of electronic gadgets, thanks to latest design techniques and innovations in technology. The wireless optical mouse is the latest PC accessory that eliminating internal moving parts of the mechanical mouse uses a light-emitting diode and photo-diodes to detect movement relative to the underlying surface. However, nobody thought about the mixing of the touchscreen with a mouse that presenting touch controls will make the mouse more ergonomic and user friendly.

Mouse for Men

 this mouse is now recognized as(original name has been changed) "5G-UMM" i.e. "5th Generation Ultra Modern Mouse"

What made to do this

With the changing needs of modern work spaces we need some highly efficient and functional gadgets to enhance the work efficiency and keep up the pace with rest of the world. Since touchscreen technology is improving day by day and becoming an integral part of modern lifestyle, it can play an important part in enhancing the usability of contemporary gadgets. Moreover, users are looking for more decent devices to keep updated with modern technology.


The Mouse for Men (5G - UMM) comes with OLED touchscreen interface and status display, allowing users to customize buttons and menus according to their work needs or individual preference. Featuring a customizable thumb launcher to quickly access the need of the user, the touch sensitive mouse also allows emergency charging at end of normal battery life. Designed for easy handling, the concept mouse integrates a heat sensor to know the current heat generated by your hand on the screen, so you could take care of the screen and your working hours as well. While on/off launchers with customizable menu on both sides avoid undesired contact with the thumb launch menu.


Till now there is no news of any BAD in this device.
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 this mouse is now recognized as(original name has been changed) "5G-UMM" i.e. "5th Generation Ultra Modern Mouse"
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Nitin Mane said...

second thing this mouse is now recognized as(original name has been changed) "5G-UMM" i.e. "5th Generation Ultra Modern Mouse"

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