Readers Comments on Tatoo Removal Creams

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Readers Comments on Tatoo Removal Creams


I have received a few emails from visitors to this site regarding removal creams they have tried or had some kind of experience with. Here are some of the comments I have received:

    * "I've been checking out several companies for tattoo removal for a young man; I contacted [the] Tat B Gone web master, requesting their business license info, local street address for checking out the local Better Business Bureau, and the address & info on their "Viking Labs" and infamous Dr. Erickson...and guess what? I haven't heard a word from Tat B Gone for 3 days. It is interesting to note, when I send a plain e-mail saying 'I want more info on your product' I got back a long, drawn out email within 2 hours. I find it strange that they are not interested in establishing the legitimacy of their company for a prospective customer."

    * "I just wanted to let you know that I have been using [Tat B Gone] for four months now and it hasn't done a thing to fade my tattoo. If anything I think it's made it darker, haha. Anyways I'm about to go in for laser treatment so my advice for everyone is stay away from [Tat B Gone]."

# I have been using The Tat B Gone creams and have found that it has definitely faded the colors and vividness of my tattoo. I am happy that I am using it but the original reason I chose Tat B Gone is because I am looking to get a cover up done.Note: This person was happy to see some fading and wasn't looking for total removal.

# You asked for pros and cons about TatBGone. I have no cons to speak of, Tat B Gone worked fine for me. I am happy with it.

# I have been using Tat B Gone for about 4 months now and I am noticing that my tattoo is fading, slowly, but surely. I’ve noticed some of the shaded areas getting lighter and edges even disappearing. Another thing to note that I believe is leading to the darker outlines fading is the fact that they do not feel as bumpy as they did previously.

# I want to tell you my experience with Tattoo-Off, one of the tattoo removal creams. I have been using Tattoo-Off for several months now, and I am surprised by how much my tattoo has faded. I had black lines on my tattoo, and I though that for sure they would never come off. But they actually where the first thing to start fading. After a few weeks of using the stuff there were gaps in those lines where it used to be solid. All I can say is that I am very satisfied with the rate my tattoo is fading.

# I have been using Tat B Gone for nearly 4 months now and have noticed no difference at all. I have e-mailed the company a number of times now and received no reply! I am increasingly suspicious that this is all an expensive (and time-consuming) hoax. Please post this email so that no-one else will be conned like me.
It seems that if you're looking for a partial fade so that you can cover up your tattoo more effectively, these products may work to an extent. But keep in mind that these abrasive chemicals can also leave scarring behind during the process, making it more difficult to tattoo over. If you're inclined to try it, just be careful!

Fading with Saline

Some tattoo artists can fade a tattoo by “tattooing” (not injecting) saline solution into the area where the old ink resides. This is most effective with older tattoos, and is not a reliable method for tattoo removal. However, sometimes this can be done to fade a tattoo and make it easier to cover it up with a new tattoo. There is some controversy among tattoo artists as to the effectiveness of this technique, but it poses no harm to the client and is worth a try for someone wanting to lighten an existing tattoo. Finding an artist that does this, however, may be difficult.

Cover-up - An Alternative to Removal

If you have a tattoo you just don’t like, there is an alternative to having it removed – and it’s much less painful and a lot less expensive. It’s called a cover-up, and that’s exactly what it is. A cover-up is simply having an old tattoo covered up with a new tattoo. Many tattoo artists are becoming quite skilled in doing cover-up jobs, and can help you come up with a design that you will be much happier to live with. The price is usually just the price of a regular tattoo, and when done correctly your old tattoo will be completely invisible, reduced to a memory.

There are limits to cover-ups. You can’t cover something black with something yellow. A very dark tattoo will need to be covered with something dark. Areas with ink on them obviously need to be covered, so a design with too many spaces and blank areas may not work. But, with a talented cover-up artist, you can end up with a cover-up tattoo that looks as killer as these!

If you’re looking to get a tattoo covered up, it’s important that you find a tattoo artist who has experience in doing them and can prove it with examples in his/her portfolio. Once a tattoo has been covered up, it’s very difficult – if not nearly impossible – to cover it up again if it’s not done right.

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