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Think Before Getting Tattooed tells you the after effects of a tattoo gone wrong

Full Body Tatoo

    Tattoos have more stories to tell than just through the designs. While the Gen Y does not mind shelling out some bucks for getting an intricate design on their body, what they are unaware of is the trouble they are actually buying. The price they pay to get inked is perhaps less than what they have to pay for healing a wound caused by inking. Reckless and kick-loving teenagers go all out on their tattoos, permanent or temporary, lacking the understanding of the permanent effects it can have on their body. Seventeen year old, Sara says, “I got a tattoo for my college fest because I wanted to do something fun. But my tattoo did not heal and went on bleeding for days. It was terrible.”


    In an attempt to look cool, youngsters often overlook the importance of finding details about the tattoo artist and the equipment used for inking. Serena Nanty, a young entrepreneur shares her story. “I got tattooed two weeks back on my forehand and the next day, the ink started running leaving me with no options but sitting down for another agonising session.” Her fault of course was “trusting a non-experienced artist”. It is indeed important to think not just about whether a tattoo is lasting or not but also about treatment and removal, options if it goes wrong, for the treatment and removal options are limited, pricey and excruciatingly painful. Rahl G, a student, says he is “facing the penalty of his silliness”. “I got a snake tattooed on my leg, I made sure the tattoo artist used organic ink and during my session I bled a lot and the ink got me infected. I had to go through laser as the tattoo got pretty messed up,” he says adding, “After five sessions of repeated laser treatment, I had finally undone it.”

A simple, small, ordinary tattoo cost starts from about $100 and so youngsters sometimes look out for places where they can get it done at a cheaper price. Such parlors care little for sanitation increasing the risks of infection. Rites, another city student says, “I got my first tattoo at the age of 17 — an angel on my arm. The artist ruined my design when I started bleeding. I had sore for a week and the artist had to leave it halfway. I regret having visited this place and being so careless. After a year, I went to a well known artist in the city for a retouch.”


    It is important to understand the difference between cheap tattoo parlors and reputed ones. Mumbai based tattoo artist Bijy, who is currently working at an up market tattoo lounge in the city explains, “From the tubes to the needles we use — everything is sterilised. We use fresh needles for every customer and after use, burn the tip and dispose them. The ink we use is purely organic.” As a final word of advice, he says, “Always go to an experienced artist and make sure the place is sanitised. One of the main causes of skin cancer and AIDS are infected tattoos, so please be cautious when choosing a parlor or artist for getting inked.”


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