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You just had your birthday. How did it go and where is our cake?

I had a fun birthday on the 7th of Jan. Family and friends and a lot of warmth. But this might come as a surprise to people who think my birthday is elsewhere during the year.
It’s surprising how my birthday has been misreported all over. On the internet itself, there are two other birthdays mentioned. Seriously, I can’t even begin to understand where those came from. Although the best part about having so many birthdays is that I get to know so many people who genuinely want to wish me.

How on earth did you manage to look so fit?

Well, real women have curves. I have never thought about the thing that plagues every girl in her teens: the questions of ‘weight’ and how not to have it. I have been lucky in my life to be accepted for my personality and not just the way my body looked. I have never been skinny. In fact, I used to be a little plump. But I always thought of myself as an attractive woman, because I had the curves to prove it. Through my modelling days, till now, I had never cared much for the gym and modifying the way I look. Today, the gym is my temple and fitness is my religion. I find that it helps my mental harmony and eventually helps to make me a happier person.

Tell us something about your bikini shoots?

You mean my two-piece tyranny episodes? Here I was in Brazil, trying to look awesome. And at least in my own mind, I was failing miserably. I had to face up to one of my worst fears: wearing a bikini for a scene in a movie.
Ok, so I’m not unpleasant to look at, but bikinis need work. The prospect of my bits and pieces overflowing into unsightly lumps had me waking up screaming. For the first time in my life, I was acting like John. Picking up my shirt to check my tummy after every salad. Well, it got me working out, and despite the reassurances of the entire team, I continued to feel ugly and fat. For three days before the shoot, I was eating only oranges. Apparently, every other known item on God’s menu can cause pudgy bits on a girl. I had a comfortable crew, three girls and a gay man. I told all of them to stay out of my sight when they ate anything. On the day of the shoot, I needed a little solidarity. By which, I meant, all the girls in my crew had to wear bikinis too. Anyway, it was the most surreal morning in my trailer. All of us in bikinis, agonising about... my body. And they say it’s just a job.
Well, the shots went well. I was cavorting about the entire day for the cameras, but all I could think of was lunch. I haven’t looked at anything as lovingly as the meal I had, seconds after the last shot was canned.

We heard that you are very scared of the horror stuff. So what’s the inside dope?

I can’t watch horror movies. This might seem strange coming from a girl who’s acted in so many horror and psycho thriller movies. But that’s it. I can’t even sleep in the dark. I grew up sleeping in a bed with my sister. I needed to know there was somebody within reach. Ok, I have graduated to better options. My man, my dog, and occasionally, my housekeeper who curls up on the couch in my bedroom.
I have made three movies about the supernatural. Someday I hope to watch them completely, and not through gaps between my fingers.

So which machine do you drive?

I don’t understand cars. I don’t drive them, and I don’t politicize them. I still have the old Honda City which I have retained from my modelling days. I have the same driver for a while, who I keep around because he has an admirable quality: patience. And when he isn’t around, I hop into an autorickshaw. Now this has never been a problem for me. However, it’s a serious problem for the boys in my life. Apparently, the minute you start a career in the movies, you have to buy yourself a big fat SUV that chars the environment every time you start it up.
So I went shopping for cars. I found one that I liked. It was eggshell white, spacious and had a cute snub nose. I bought it. John takes one look at the car and says, “You bought a Porsche Cayenne?” This is why we like men so much. They recognise cars. The inflection in his voice said, ‘This Is Important’.

Ok, rapid fire time, answer without thinking
Fave colour: Pink
Food: Biryani (although I don’t eat rice
Place: Paris, I have visited Paris only once. I wasn’t romantically attached at the time. But the love I received in Paris is something I will never forget.

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