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"History Haunts"

America’s favorite least favorite housewife Camille Donatacci Grammer has graced the pages of various Playboy magazine publications over the years, and in honor of The National Enquirer‘s announcement that Hurricane Camille would be back for a second season of the popular reality series, I’ve compiled a fairly comprehensive guide to her Playboy print appearances!

Actually, it’s not really all that comprehensive at all because it appears that Camille pretty much made a full-time job out of baring her chest and Donahootchie for the bunny empire in the mid ’90s. But, with the information I do have combined with the added help from those diligent Playboyologists that are bound to be out there, I’m sure we can grow this post into the world’s only source for all things nekkid Camille! (In print at least, her appearances in soft-core adult films is a whole other post entirely.)

UPDATE - Part 2 is complete featuring Camille’s appearance inside AND ON THE COVER OF the January/February 1997 Readers’ Choice Supermodels – Playboy’s Book of Lingerie!
Before we get started, here’s Camille having a very romantic evening during which she allows a pane of glass to get to second base. (From an as-yet-unidentified Playboy photo shoot. Click photo for the smashed Donatacceroni.)

The first instance of Camille sharing her Giggy via Hef, Inc. was in November/December of 1995 when she appeared in both Playboy’s Nudes and Playboy’s Book of Lingerie. (Just in case you’re down at the flea market this weekend thumbing through old issues of Playboy, I’ve included photos of the covers at the bottom of this post to help you in your search)
In the Playboy’s Lingerie November/December 1995 issue Camille has a two-page spread featuring photos of her in a thong on a blue-striped love seat. As an added “arty” element the pictures are actually her reflection in a series of framed mirrors. It’s a pretty conservative start in that she only reveals three nipples (not at the same time!)

As you might expect, Camille Donatacci got a bit more risque for her spread in the November/December 1995 issue of Playboy’s Nudes. And speaking of “her spread” Camille shows us what years of dancing can do for a woman’s flexibility as she expresses her love for New York in much he same way she probably expressed her love for Kelsey Grammer – with a hand-written note of course. Why? What did you think I meant?


She got really close to achieving her dream! Instead of directing multicamera video/TV she’s a star of multicamera video/TV! See ladies, you can achieve what you want to achieve as long as you’re willing to spread your legs to all of New York City! (That was a little mean, but it could also be taken quite literally based on the photo above so I shant apologize!)

The 1995 Playboy’s Nudes photo shoot marks the first of many times the New York City motif shows up in Camille’s Playboy oeuvre. The second instance was Camille’s apparent return to further her post-secondary education in 1997 when she appeared in Playboy’s College Girls as a representative of New York University at the age of 31.

For this two-page spread Camille looks to be the star of a new series called Taxi Crabs Confessions as she hails a cab driven by Larry King, who she appears to flash in lieu of fare. On the opposite page Camille looks to be REALLY enjoying some television just prior to making sweet, sweet love to a remote. Those crazy college girls!

Here’s the description of Coed Camille:

New York University
Major: Film and Video
As a diehard rock-and-roll fan, Camille would like to put her training in film to good use as director of music videos. She also likes to paint, write poetry and go to the movies and off-Broadway plays. If you have ugly feet, a hairy back or a bad attitude you need not inquire about a date. But if you’re sensitive, creative, have soft lips and a nice smile you’d at least stand a chance.


How ’bout that?!? Aside from the hairy back thing Kelsey Grammer seems like he was a perfect fit! It even enabled Camille to go from attending off-Broadway plays to attending on-Broadway plays, even if being backstage with her husband is a little awkward. Oh – and $5 to the first person that can get us a verifiable example of Camille Grammer’s poetry!

Be sure to check back with us – I’ll be making at least one more Camille Donatacci Grammer in Playboy photos post! Until then here are a couple more pictures of Whammy-Bammy-Thank-You-Cammy from unidentified Playboy publications with links to the full Montied versions followed by the cover images for the magazines talked about above!



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